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Fantom Doorstop




Fantom Hardware is a South Australian hardware manufacturer, specialising in unique door hardware solutions. Fantom’s range consists of 70 innovative, one-of-a-kind products, created and designed in South Australia and manufactured off-shore.


Fantom Hardware attracted international attention with the Fantom Doorstop, and have since been consistently innovating and developing new products. Fantom recently moved into door security, with the launch of Fantom Defender.

Fantom Doorstop has been an international success, solving the issue of unsightly protruding door stops and potential trip hazards via the incorporation of a magnetic internal mechanism.


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Fantom Doorstop


Fantom Doorstop

A flush mounted pin alleviates trip hazards whilst maintaining a modern desirable finish. Concealed rare-earth magnet technology ensures exceptional mechanical functionality.

Fantom Fire

The Fantom Hardware fire rated range provides a concealed, trip hazard free doorstop solution for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.


Fantom Barn Door

The Barn Door Fantom’s functionality is the same as the Original Fantom, however, the Barn Door Fantom has the orientation of the strike zone changed to suit a sliding door.

Fantom Defender

Defender is slid from Security Mode to Doorstop Mode by the user pushing the magnet housing with their foot from side to side. The rare earth magnet inside the magnet housing activates floor pins either in Security Mode or Doorstop Mode, depending which mode is selected.

Fantom Pivot Door

The Fantom Pivot door-hold, features the patented dimple and hold open design but no stopping lip as it’s application is for use with pivot doors to allow the door to swing in both directions.

Fantom Accessories

As part of the Fantom Hardware range we offer a selection of accessories that may be required for different applications.

The Accessories range includes Facemount-Chrome & White, Installation Kit, Packer,  Carpet Punch ,Diamond Corer, Magnet Housing


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